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Partner / Director Review Questionnaire

Please describe and review your principal accomplishments in the past year. Your review should focus more on accomplishments (results achieved) and less on a description of activities (what you did). If specific goals were agreed on in a previous counselling session, please relate your comments to those goals. You should address the following performance categories:


Please comment on your contributions to firm profitability through wise engagement management, control of billings, accounts receivable, work-in-progress, and other financial matters.

Quality of client relations and service

What special accomplishments have you achieved in providing outstanding service to clients, either through technical achievement or relationship management?

Coaching and other contributions to skill building

Please comment on your contribution to building skills in others through your supervision of more junior professionals on your engagements.

Practice development

Describe your accomplishments in contributing to the development of our practice, through assisting in developing new work from existing clients, new clients obtained, or any other activities advancing the reputation of the firm. Include here your accomplishments in community activities, any speeches, participation in seminar panels, publications, etc., and any civic service, social club, or other outside activity which you wish to include.

Good citizenship

Please comment on any achievements in the area of firm, office, or practice contributions, such as participation in firm recruiting, committees, or other non-billable assignments you have performed. You may also want to refer to ways you have contributed to the success of the firm not otherwise covered above. In particular, please identify what you have done in the last year that the rest of the partnership has benefited from. The following list of possibilities may help:

  1. Made intellectual/technical contributions used by others.
  2. Transferred my skill to other partners and/or juniors.
  3. Made methodology improvements used by others.
  4. Increased market awareness of our practice.
  5. Brought in work for others to work on.
  6. Successfully cross-sold my partners to my clients.

Personal development

Review the ways you judge that you have improved your knowledge and skill in the past year. What has made you a more valuable professional? You may wish to comment on: