Insight, Strategy, Action.

providing research, training & management advice to law firms throughout Australasia for the past 40 Years.

Insight, Strategy, Action.

providing research, training & management advice to law firms throughout Australasia for the past 40 Years.

FREE online workshop – Establishing A Cyber Safe Remote Workplace For Small-Medium Law Firms

To assist firms in setting up a remote workplace, FMRC is offering a free online workshop with cybersecurity expert Markus Hugenschmidt.

Markus will navigate through how to establish a cyber safe remote workplace today and for the future.  You will receive specialist advice to ensure your firm can continue to operate remotely during uncertain times and that you and your data are protected from the ever-increasing amount of cyber-threats.

Australian employees are swiftly moving from the office to remote workplaces due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, with today’s technology, many businesses can implement the physical move swiftly, but what about other considerations managers need to address?

IT Cybersecurity expert Markus Hugenschmidt will take participants through the steps and options of setting up a cyber safe remote workplace and provide guidance on what firms can do to establish long term remote working strategies.

This session is tailored to address the key concerns many small-medium law firms experience when establishing a remote working environment and will include advice on:

  • Establishing short-term remote working solutions for immediate office closures
  • Practical procedures for all employees to follow to minimise cyber threats, and minimise downtime during the transition from the office to the remote workplace
  • Implementing cybersecurity for remote workplaces to address the increased number of cyber-attacks on remote workers
  • Protecting confidential client information, as well as best practice for managing confidential files remotely
  • Determining which remote communication systems (including physical phone systems and web-based tools) the company will use to remain contactable to clients and industry personnel.
  • Developing a long term Cybersafe Remote Workplace Strategy; enabling increased workplace flexibility and contingency for the future.


Cost: Free


Wednesday 25 March; 8:30am – 9:00am (Sydney time) – THIS TIME SLOT IS SOLD OUT

Thursday 26 March; 8:30am – 9:00am (Sydney time)- THIS TIME SLOT IS SOLD OUT

Friday 27 March; 8:30am – 9:00am (Sydney time) –THIS TIME SLOT IS SOLD OUT

How: via Zoom (you will be sent a link prior to the workshop)


Numbers are limited to 20 participants so please register early to secure a spot.

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