Insight, Strategy, Action.

providing research, training & management advice to law firms throughout Australasia for the past 30 Years.

Insight, Strategy, Action.

providing research, training & management advice to law firms throughout Australasia for the past 30 Years.

Law Firm Retreats

Law Firm Partner / Director Retreat for a Day AUD$5,500 all inclusive

Business planning is not critical to success but it does make it significantly more likely. All partners should be committed to the same business plan, designed to align objectives, achieve the firm’s potential and provide the maximum return relative to agreed input.

Partnerships that conduct regular partner retreats are generally happier, more supportive and more productive. Retreat for a day is a programme specifically designed for smaller partnerships. Retreat for a day is consistent with the FMRC no nonsense approach and will achieve pragmatic outcomes for your firm.



Partner opinion questionnaire

A partner opinion questionnaire will be provided to each partner. These questionnaires can either be completed by hand, on line paperless or voice file.

The questionnaire provides each principal with an opportunity to provide background and to comment on strategic challenges and opportunities facing the firm. The partner opinion questionnaires are a useful way to get partners thinking strategically, with a 5 year time frame.

Financial analysis

We will collect comparative analysis data through the FMRC on line benchmarking application. A financial performance report will be considered at the retreat.

Staff input questionnaire

All staff will be given the opportunity to complete an on line questionnaire designed to provide us with feedback from employees at all levels. The questionnaire covers organisational climate, supervision, leadership, feedback to employees and improvement opportunities. A report will be prepared prior to the retreat. No staff members are identified unless the firm requests an open survey. In an open survey respondents identify themselves prior to completing and submitting the questionnaire.

Market place feedback

You will provide us with 30 randomly selected clients. FMRC will contact these clients with a three question survey (what do you do well, what do you do poorly and what should you improve) this will tell us all we need to know to start the client retention process and to start the client attraction process. This process is by no means the be all and end all of gaining client feedback but it does usefully identify any major considerations requiring change.


Retreat programme   

9.00am – 5.00pm

Improving financial performance

  • Comparative financial analysis
  • Reviewing pricing
  • Reviewing productivity
  • Agreed performance standards

Developing a 5 year plan

  • Areas of practice
  • Firm size
  • Success levels
  • Identifying key performance indicators

Human resources

  • Required resources to achieve the plan
  • Managing recruitment
  • Motivation and performance
  • Pay
  • Succession management

Practice development and marketing

  • Client retention
  • Client attraction

Implementing the plan

  • Timetabling implementation
  • Communicating plan to staff and garnering support


Retreat facilitator

These retreats are conducted by Neil Oakes or Sam Coupland. Retreats can usually be scheduled within 6 weeks however weekends are limited. Please contact FMRC on +61 2 9262 3377 to discuss likely outcomes for your firm.

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