Legal Practice Management Course

Legal Practice Management Course

A Practice Management Course provided by FMRC, your leader in legal education, training and law strategy.

Are you preparing to start your own legal practice? Or maybe you’re about to join a practice as its newest principal?

If you want to become a principal or sole practitioner of a law firm, you will need to undertake a compulsory Legal Practice Management Course.

All Legal Practice Management Courses at FRMC are fully approved to satisfy the legal requirements of the NSW Law Society and Queensland Law Society.


About Legal Practice Management Courses

The Legal Practice Management Course is ideal to gain the skills you need to succeed as principal lawyer of a profitable law practice, or to enhance your legal education and business management skills.

The Practice Management Course is a legal requirement to satisfy the removal of Condition 3 from a practicing certificate. Our experienced presenters will teach you the tools you need to deliver high quality services, engage your clientele, and run a successful legal practice for many years to come.

FMRC offers four distinct Legal Practice Management Courses to suit your specific circumstances. Each course prepares you for the responsibilities and requirements of managing an Australian legal practice:

  • Sole Principal/Incorporated Legal Practice — This highly practical course teaches you the systems and skill sets required to run a successful sole practice.
  • Small Firms (2-34 Principals) — This program focuses on increasing the managerial skill set of new and aspiring legal partners.
  • Large Firms (35+ Principals) — This tailored program examines the strategic management issues relevant to new partners of Australia’s largest legal firms.
  • Corporate & Government Solicitors’ Course — This course tailors the Law Society’s key curriculum to relate specifically to in-house counsel, both corporate and government.


Why choose FMRC for Practice Management Courses?

The fastest way to meet your requirements:
The FMRC Legal Practice Management Course does not require pre-reading or out-of-hours online work. Our experience allows us to cover everything in a comprehensive three-day program, which minimises disruption to your schedule. Enjoy a practical, no-nonsense approach to adult learning.

Industry experts:
You will have the opportunity to discuss contemporary practice management issues with experienced legal business advisers. All FMRC presenters are acknowledged industry experts in their field. Most have an international reputation in the legal profession, and are able to bring their practical experience to life in the workshops.

Reputation for excellence:
FMRC was the first organisation to be accredited to provide the Legal Practice Management Course. Having conducted the course for over 6000 practitioners since 1989, we have ironed out all the wrinkles to create a seamless process, from registration through to completion of the course.


Key topic areas include:

Learn the practice management strategies and methods used by some of the most successful Australasian law firms. Several key topic areas addressed in each FMRC Legal Practice Management Courses are:

  • Financial management
  • Leadership and people management
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Risk management
  • Marketing methods to grow your business
  • Taxation strategies
  • Trust accounting
  • Pricing your services
  • Retaining clientele
  • Ethics and responsibilities


Legal Practice Management Assessments:

FMRC Legal Practice Management Courses will cover all curriculum requirements set out by the Law Society, and engage in practical exercises to teach you how to run a successful law practice. Following the Practice Management Course, participants will be asked to complete these assessments tasks:

  • Written business plan utilising the FMRC Planning Template
  • Online Ethics and Professional Responsibility test
  • Online Trust Accounting test
  • Online Risk Management and Compliance test

Participants who don’t achieve satisfactory assessment results will receive additional coaching from FMRC experts to ensure they meet the required standard.

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